The Journey of Karma Trailer: Poonam Pandey’s Sleazy Scenes With Shakti Kapoor Will Leave You Shocked – Watch Video
The Journey of Karma Trailer

Bollywood has given us some of the best movies to ever exist. Anand, Rang De Basanti, Mother India,  or even Jab We Met, for that matter, are some of the gems by Indian cinema that the world should be thankful for. And on the extreme end of the spectrum falls the movie, The Journey of Karma. The first trailer of the film featuring Poonam Pandey and Shakti Kapoor was dropped upon humanity today. It is hard to believe what a sleaze fest it is until you have seen it with your own naked eyes. Poonam Pandey Goes Butt-Naked to Enjoy India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2018 Cricket Match (See Hot Seductive Picture).

The Journey of Karma is hard to put into words. The abstract idea of filmmaking that is this movie just cannot be explained. What the movie will make you wonder is as to why Shakti Kapoor chose to do this role. But again, his choice of roles is not something we look up to him for. Poonam Pandey...well, if you are a fan of the actress (if we can call her that), you are in for a treat. Sexy Poonam Pandey Makes a Guy Touch Her Boobs in ‘Naughty FIFA 2018’ Video and Twitterati Cannot Control Their Sleazy Thoughts!

Poonam can be seen flaunting her body in a skimpy lingerie, quite a lot of times in the trailer. Just enough scenes of her on a gyrating bed and her in a shower with a foggy glass door. "Husn aur hawas ka mujra hone ja raha hai, dekhne aayiega zaroor!" - Poonam's dialogue near the end of the pulsating trailer sums the movie up.

Watch the film's trailer below

The movie has been directed by Jagbir Dahiya. It is slated to come to theatres on October 26. Are you looking forward to it? Tweet to us @latestly.