Jennifer Lawrence Birthday Special: From Hunger Games to Silver Linings Playbook, 5 Films of the Actress That Left Us Amazed
Jennifer Lawrence (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Jennifer Lawrence has been a discovery for Hollywood. From being a supporting actress on the short-lived TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show to becoming an Academy Award-winning actress, J-Law has come a long way. The actress celebrates her birthday on August 15 and as she turns 29, we look at the amazing work she has done so far. Jen's filmography is defined by versatility. From superhero to space films, the actress has done almost everything in such a short time. Jennifer Lawrence Roped In for Paolo Sorrentino’s Mafia Film Mob Girl.

Most of her performances have won immense praises from the critics and we absolutely love how despite playing some of the most intense roles in films, she is one of the most fun people around when it comes to her off-screen appearances. She is the only actress probably who has given one of the most interesting answers about acting. In an interview with BBC One, Lawrence said, "Oh yeah. It’s the perfect job for a lazy person. It’s really… I really found my niche.”On the occasion of her birthday, we look at some of the best films in her career so far.

1. Hunger Games

This is the movie that turned Lawrence's career to a more commercial side. The actress pulled off this dystopian franchise exceptionally well with her emotionally-resonant performance. She got this film to become a box office hit with her brilliant portrayal of Katniss and will remain one of the top-rated films of her career. Happy Friendship Day! Kendall Jenner - Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift - Selena Gomez : Meet The Most Stylish Hollywood BFFs.

2. Silver Linings Playbook

This is a special film for J-Law considering she won her first Academy Award for her performance in this film. She played the role of Tiffany, a vivacious, yet deeply troubled, woman with great ease and left everyone stunned with her performance. This film showed her true potential to tap into some of the most challenging roles.

3. American Hustle

This multi-starrer had an eclectic cast of actors as Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence came together. The chaotic film had Jennifer Lawrence playing Rosalyn Rosenfeld. She gives a ferocious performance in the film and manages to shine despite the stellar cast.

4. X-Men Franchise

The X-Men franchise may not have been the most successful superhero franchises around but it had Lawrence playing the role of the shape-shifting mutant, Mystique. She played the character much flair and brought an added intrigue to it than before. The films were huge on the box office and added J-Law to become more of a commercial film actress.

5. Winter's Bone

This independent film could be considered the discovery of Lawrence's exceptional talents. She starred in the film as a teenager as the character of Ree, an impoverished, head-strong young woman living hastily in the Ozark Mountains. The film also won Lawrence an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

Jennifer Lawrence has time and again shown that she's a brilliant actress and we would love to see her pull off some more badass roles. Tell us your favourite J-Law film in comments below.