Juggy Sandhu Getting Popular for His Soothing and Magnificent Voice
Juggy Sandhu (Photo Credits: Agencies)
Juggy Sandhu has come a long way before becoming the music sensation that he is today. He was brought up by his grandfather who he calls his inspiration. He started singing at the age of ten, mostly in the Gurudwara. His voice soothed and won over everyone who listened, leading him to pursue singing as his hobby and his passion. His grandfather helped him learn music and singing and soon he started singing in Punjabi.
While he was a student of commerce in Mumbai he also had an interest in the automobile industry. So, once he completed his studies, he ended up developing a store for car accessories and a center for car modifications. It soon started running smooth and making him a successful businessman. He then paid heed towards his singing and music hobby. He got his debut in a bar called Karaoke Bar with his three-member band (he and his two friends being guitarist and percussionist) in 2015.
He struck all the right chords with his listeners, and that was all the head start he needed to make it in big in Mumbai. Today, he has performed in all the leading clubs and bars, and turned listeners into lovers of his music. He has developed a good fan base since he started his career in singing. He has remained the part and parcel of many shows and has so far performed in more than 1500 shows.
His song - Ghar Aaja - in collaboration with Jubin Nautiyal the known singer in the Electro Folk by Black Magic Music helped boost his success, with over 15 million views on YouTube. It was released on one of the biggest music brands - T Series creating a huge hype for the singer. He is now gearing up for his career in Bollywood as a playback singer through Malsons. He intends to go long in the live music world.