Meet Sherine Singh, Model-Turned-Actress All Ready to Set the Big Screen on Fire
Sherine Singh (Photo Credits: File Image)

"If you have to achieve success, you need to first define what it means to You." This quote in brief sums up model turned actress Sherine Singh's penchant to hit the Silver screen. Sherine describes herself as a passionate human being. Be it her creative ability to write, model or act she believes in her passion to do so.

Sherine has modelled for several big brands of the fashion world.

Her recent foray in fashion was to walk the ramp in the prestigious IIFA awards of 2019 by ZARF. And now she’s doing a Photoshoot of the famed photographer Dabboo Ratnani, who will capture her quintessential beauty in his magical lens.

There is definitely more to this glamorous model than that meets the eye. Sherine grew up in a missionary boarding in Kolkata.

At a very early age, Sherine learnt to be independent and only to rely on herself. She also has an affinity to old people and visits the old age homes, often give them some small help, but most importantly giving them something far more important, her precious time.

Sherine got a degree in commerce and soon realised her aspirations lie in the film industry and glamour world. Modelling offers were coming her way and soon film offers too. Sherine is currently doing a few films down South which are due for release.

Sherine is ambitious and bold. She wishes to leave her own indelible mark on the silver screen. An actor with real-life experiences to share and convey. Her persona is best summed up by the ocean which appears calm and soothing yet so full of

vibrant life deep within. She is a tough nut. But like all tough nuts, she covers a soft interior with a tough exterior.

A heady cocktail of talent indeed. This is one diva we wish to see on the Silver screen very soon. We wish the gorgeous woman good luck in all her endeavours.