Naagin 3 December 8, 2018 Written Update Full Episode: Despite Being Betrayed by Juhi, Bela Tries to Save Her From Viyom
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In the last episode we saw how Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) wants to crown Juhi, so that she becomes the Naagrani. But Vikrant comes and tells her not to crown as he found a Vulture ring outside. Today’s episode of Naagin 3  starts with  Bela and Vishaka (Anita Hassanandani)  finding out that Viyom is the vulture and he and Juhi  together have planned things. Bela is shocked  to see her own sister  turn against her. Viyom tells Bela to crown Juhi and make her the Naagrani. Juhi also asks her to hurry up and admits to have betrayed her own people. Juhi tells that it is destined that the crown will now rest on her head. She insists that the they quickly crown her as the Naagrani.  But Bela says she will never do that. Outside  Mahir (Pearl V Puri) comes in his car and talks to himself that this is the place I left  the ladies, now where have they gone and starts looking for them. Just then a worker comes and Mahir asks him if he has seen Bela. The person tells Mahir that he hasn't seen anyone in this place since morning.

Bela gets angry and furious and asks Juhi why is she going against them. She reasons and tells her that everything she has learnt and is preaching was taught to her by Juhi. Vishaka says I knew  she was up to something, but an angry Juhi yells at them. Both Vishaka and Bela change into their snake form suddenly Viyom with his power captures Vishaka in iron chains. Bela tries to help her, Viyom warns her not to do anything otherwise he will tell all the vultures to come in and cut her and Vikrant into small pieces. Juhi says vulture need a few seconds to finish them  so don’t do such silly things and make us more angry and sits on the throne and orders Bela to put the crown on her.

Bela tries to  make Juhi understand and asks her to not get influenced by Viyom and requests her to not go against her own sister. Juhi  says these many years you kept from me many secrets and this guy helped me when I was in need .Viyom stops her and says she is just wasting time don’t listen to her and do the work for which we are here. Viyom again warns her if she doesn’t do it fast he will kill one of them and Juhi also asks him to kill them.  Seeing this Bela tells why you want to kill someone we can't kill people for that, Juhi mocks her and reminds her that she has killed so many people herself.  Bela tries to explain I just wanted to take revenge from the boys  as they had tried to kill Vikrant. She tells Juhi, you know everything then why are you acting like this? Juhi Says I also want to take revenge  you have taken everything from me and even tried to kill me. Viyom has helped me in my crises, so I will listen to him and not you.  Viyom gets more angry and says I will kill one of your  companions and orders the vulture to come in, Vishaka rolls and come near Vikrant and says don’t kill him please let him go. Bela is scared and worries that Viyom might harm them so she gets ready to give the crown to her sister Juhi. She does all the procedure  and places the crown on Juhi’s head and makes her the Naagrani. After she gets the crown and  goes away with Viyom. Bela feels sorry as she didn’t listen to them because they had warned her about Juhi’s behaviour. Just then Vishakha tells her she might take the Naagmani so follow her and see what is she up to, Bela goes behind them. While Vishaka and Vikrant were trying  to get up Mahir comes in looking for Bela, on seeing them he asks what's going on and where is Bela?

Bela follows Juhi and Viyom  inside the cave and when she goes in near the Naagmani she gets tricked and they both take it away. She is upset as she couldn’t do anything to save it.

She  narrates this all to her mother and  how Naagmani was stolen in front of her and she was helpless. Her mother consoles her and asks her not to worry this is not the first time it is stolen  you can get it back. You tried your best  to save it but I don’t understand what happen to Juhi why is she doing like this. Please stop crying now and see who is the culprit and find out who has planned it all and defeat them and take back the Naagmani. Bela gets up and promises to her mother that  she will  get  Naagmani and her sister back safely. She goes where Juhi and Viyom are and  suddenly she hears the vultures sound and hides beside a bush and  watched them.  She slowly goes forward and suddenly sees the Naagmani and goes in that direction.

Here Mahir gets tensed on  not finding Bela. He recalls when he went inside the cave he asked Vishaka about  Bela she just tried to change the topic and said will tell you later and asks him to hurry, but Mahir was in no mood to listen. Vikrant also told him to take it easy, but he asked who are you and what are you doing here?Mahir was shocked to see him transform into his brother Yuvi and said he is dead, he couldn’t believe it.  When he enters his home mom calls out to him and says your dad came home early and you have also come early. Dad questions him and asks you had two meeting then how come you are early?  Mom asks him where is Yuvi and he gets more tensed and goes upstairs.  Bela comes near to the Naagmani and see Juhi there with the vultures. She picks the Naagmani and goes somewhere, Bela follows her and watches her.  She sees that there are only vultures and so she transforms into a vulture and goes in. Also read: BARC REPORT NOVEMBER 22-29: Naagin 3, Kundali Bhagya And Kumkum Bhagya Remain Rooted In Top 3

Mahir is very sad after hearing the news and was shocked to know that Bela knew everything but didn’t tell him anything. He feels as if she has betrayed him by not saying it to him. There Bela enters the vulture’s cave and searches for Juhi she sees her with the Naagmani and Viyom telling his vultures that we have won as we have got the Naagmani and tells Juhi to give it to him. He takes it in his hand and is very happy holding it, Juhi sees Bela and tells her to go from there, she says Viyom is the person who has made her the Naagrani . Bela tries to tell to not fall for it and tells her that he is only using Juhi. When Viyom is telling his vulture friends we our now the leader no one is more powerful than us, not even the gods, Bela tells Juhi that if Viyom does not even care about the God, who are we he will destroy you please understand.  Viyom calls out to Juhi to come and join them so that they can celebrate, Bela pleads her not to go further but she she turns deaf ear and goes. Suddenly, Viyom says we will have a feast and what we will eat? Let's eat Juhi, she is our feast. Juhi gets the shock of her life on hearing this. See Naagin 3 written updates

In the coming  episode, we will see how Bela helps Juhi  save herself from Viyom's vicious plan. We will also see Bela explain her side of truth to Mahir.