Officer: Distributor Makes Suicide Threats After Nagarjuna-Ram Gopal Varma's Cop Film Flops
Nagarjuna in a still from Officer. (Photo Credits: Twitter@AkkikeniNagarjuna)

What's going on with Ram Gopal Varma and his progressively declining quality of film-making? We can't remember the last time when RGV made a passable movie, forget good! This is the man who gave us classics like Raat, Satya, Rangeela, Kaun, Company, Sarkar and now every recent release of his is turning out to be a cropper at the box office. When we learnt that he is teaming up with Akkineni Nagarjuna after more than two decades for a cop drama, Officer, we were thrilled. The last time they worked together, we got the gritty, brilliant Shiva. Can RGV regain his magic touch with the star-presence of Nagarjuna?

Alas, the movie turned out to be a huge disappointment, both at the box office as well as with the critical acclaim. We are unhappy, but perhaps not as much as this distributor from Andhra who has threatened to commit suicide if the director and the star do not pay for his losses.

As per a report in India Today, the man called Subramanyam had called a press conference. In the same event, he was quoted saying, "The makers of Officer approached me and asked for finance. I gave them Rs 1.3 crore. Ram Gopal Varma started the shoot and before the completion of Officer, when I contacted the makers and asked them to return my money, they did not respond. They also asked me to knock on the door of the court. I thought, if I go to court, it will take a lot of time. So I decided to meet Ram Gopal Varma, and asked for Officer rights for the Godavari area in lieu of my amount (sic)."

"But clever director Ram Gopal Varma said to me, he would sell the rights of entire Andhra region, not just one area. Though I was not impressed with the trailer and teaser of Officer, I was forced to buy the film. Officer makers did not leave any option for me, so I paid a total of Rs 3.50 crore and bought the rights of Officer for Andhra region. I thought it's a Nagarjuna film, so it could make good profits, but I was wrong," he concluded. Subramanyam then said that he has no option but to commit suicide!

Wonder how RGV and Nagarjuna will react to this!