Bigg Boss asks the contestants to pick three members from the Team Red who were the weak performers. They select Romil, Karanvir and Somi. Hence Surbhi and Deepak become the contenders for captaincy.

Sreesanth is called inside the confession room and Bigg Boss tells him that Rohit might not know that Santh in Sree Santh is his father's name. He asks him to clarify this bit with Rohit and then decide if he mocked his father or not. Sreesanth asks Rohit if he was making fun of his dad or him by calling him "Flipsanth" and Rohit says he doesn't need to say anything to his dad. Sreesanth accepts it and explains him that Santh in his name is his dad's name. 

Megha and Jasleen tells Sreesanth that Rohit called him "Flipsanth". Sreesanth gets angry and tells Dipika that Rohit has insulted his father by mocking his name. Dipika tries to calm him down, but fails. Sreesanth asks Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room, but after he doesn't get any answer, he removes his mic. 

Megha breaks down in the powder room after losing the task and Dipika, Sreesanth console her and ask her not to get bothered and that she did really well in the task and fought till the end. Later, she tells Dipika, Sreesanth and Jasleen that Rohit threw a shoe at her and behaved very badly during the task. 

After the last gong, Team Red wins the task and they earned a chance at being the next captain. 

Since the lever is on blue because Deepak and Rohit sat on it, Sreesanth enters the snake's belly. Next Jasleen and Megha sit on the lever after turning it towards red. Surbhi and Karanvir are in the powder room and she tells him that Rohit is the star of this task after he changed the game. 

Jasleen, Deepak, Rohit and Megha end up breaking the lever after which Bigg Boss reprimands them and cancels the round. The task restarts and they break the lever yet again and another argument breaks out between them. 

While still struggling with the lever, Rohit calls Megha to call FlipSanth (thereby mocking Sreesanth). 

Second leg of the Saanp task begins and like yesterday, Jasleen, Megha, Rohit, Deepak are fighting over pulling the lever. They end up breaking the lever and Srishty, who is the sanchalak gets pissed and says she doesn't want to do this task anymore. 

Deepak and Rohit irritate Jasleen by making comments on her eating habits. She gets irritated and starts shouting and asks Deepak to back off. He irritates her further by mocking her. 

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Being stubborn can be a bad thing sometimes as you might lose your patience and in the bargain forget what is right or wrong. Stubbornness, ignorance and determination have a very fine line that differentiates one from the other. Rohit’s stubbornness crossed all limits, all because he wanted to win the task for the Red Team. The first round of the luxury budget task came to an end but Megha - Jasleen and Rohit - Deepak’s unabating argument continued. Bigg Boss 12, 20th November 2018 Episode Written Updates: Dipika Kakar Is Missing Nehha Pendse, but Sreesanth Is Not.

Where did the argument eventually go? And of course Sreesanth also got angry at Rohit. So much that he ended up almost physically attacking him? Was he successful? We will find that out on tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12. Stay on this page for all the LIVE updates of tonight's telecast of BB12.