Kapil Sharma Shares Funny Video For All Covidiots, But it Gives an Important Message
Kapil Sharma (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Junta Curfew held on Sunday in India, did not really turn out as expected. PM Narendra Modi had strictly advised everyone to stay at their home, and clap or clang thalis only through windows or balconies. However, some COVIDIOTS got down on streets organizing rallies to make some noise and 'celebrate' God knows what. The simple 5-minute-clapping gesture for the essential service providers by the citizens turned into an idiotic chaos, totally disappointing the authorities and rest of the 'junta.'  TV actor and host Kapil Sharma too took a notice of the same and spread the word of caution in a rather funny way. COVIDIOTS Are Punished by Police Officials for Roaming on the Streets in India and Violating Coronavirus Lockdown Protocol, Watch Videos.

In the video shared by Kapil, we see a brood of chickens chilling outside and not quarantining! They run inside as soon as they hear a police siren. Of course, it is a funny sight to see but has a 'deep' message! Kapil wrote, "इनसे ही सीख लो कुछ  #StayHomeSaveLives #coronavirus #INDIAfightsCorona." (Learn from them at least). Check out the video below.

Kapil Sharma's Tweet

People rushed on the streets despite repetitive requests to adhere to the curfew and quarantine rules. The craziness portrayed by certain bunch of people at various societies by gathering at one place to clap, has left authorities with no choice but to take strict action. The above video was a good way to remind people that slightest of arrogance or irresponsibility towards own and everyone's health can cost a legal journey ahead.