Kasautii Zindagii Kay Full Episode December 5, 2018 Written Update: Will Shivani Break The Truth About Prerna's Wedding To Anurag?
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Today’s episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 starts with Anurag's (Parth Samthaan) friend Sid coming outside Prerna's (Erica Fernandes) house. He reminds Anurag that they have to go somewhere, Anurag takes permission from his Mom and leaves, but Madhuri (Naveen's wife) sees him and thinks where is he going now? Just then Mohini asks her what happened? She just behaves normal and says nothing and that she was curious to find out where Anurag was going. Mohini asks her why is she so eager to know? To which, she says Mr Maloy Babu asked her to. Mohini says that there's a lot of work to be done and so he might be busy with it and leaves from there. Anurag meets Sid and asks how he found out about Naveen's marriage, Sid tells him not to worry about all that and also shares that spending a little money would get them a copy of Naveen Babu and Madhuri's marriage certificate. Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Spoilers: Anurag To Meet With An Accident, Courtesy Navin; Prerna Rushes To Meet Anurag!

In the house, Anurag’s Father, Prerna’s Dad and his son-in-law are playing cards and enjoying, Madhuri comes to serve them tea. Anurag’s Dad says she is flirting with me, all laugh and make fun of him. Anurag and Sid are going to the marriage registrar's office in their car. They talk about Mohini and feel sad for her because Naveen betrayed her and her brother. Anurag wants proof so that everyone believes him. In Prerna’s house, Shivani is trying Anurag’s phone but it is not connecting. At that time Prerna comes and asks her why is she so tensed? She asks her sister what is bothering her and what is she trying to hide from her. Her sister gets angry and says why only you can hide things from us, why you only help others and never think about yourself? She gets emotional, but Prerna doesn't understand why she is behaving like this. Shivani tries to erase the haldi and says please you don’t have to marry Naveen Babu. She asks her to not destroy her life and after a heated argument, Shivani shows her the eviction letter. She tells Prerna how she now knows the truth as to why she agreed to this marriage. She asks Prerna that if it was in order to save their home that she went to Kaki Maa and agreed to do all this. Shivani says I will show this letter to Mom and Dad and everyone and tell the truth, Prerna stops her and they both hug each other and cry.

Prerna then says she didn’t have any other solution for this problem, that she just wanted to help their parents, who have sacrificed their whole life for them. She tells her sister that going back to their native place will not help because there are no hospitals or other facilities there. While they were talking their Bhabhi comes in to call them down, Prerna goes with her, but Shivani thinks that she should tell everything to Anurag and stop the marriage. She hopes that Anurag can see what can be done later.

At the registrar's office Anurag and Sid are searching for some Subroto Majumdar, just then a guy dashes Anurag and says can’t you see and gets angry and goes to his seat. Sid calls out his name and finds out that Subroto is the same guy who dashed Anurag some time back. When they request for the certificate, he refuses and says that he can’t give it to them as it is a Marriage Certificate. Anurag pleads him to give them, but he says he won’t give. He acts badly with Anurag and Sid because he's upset with them. Angry Anurag holds his collar but Sid manages to get him aside.

At Prerna’s residence, she comes down with her Bhabhi and Mohini aunty asks where is Madhuri? Prerna thinks about her feelings for Anurag while relatives apply haldi to her. Naveen Babu comes to put haldi to Prerna, he says he was eagerly waiting to apply haldi on her and asks her if she's missing Anurag? Prerna shocks him by admitting that she was, in fact, thinking about Anurag just before he came.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Anurag confront Naveen Babu. He threatens him and tells Naveen that he has a copy of his marriage certificate and a shocked, Naveen Babu drops his mobile phone.