Kumkum Bhagya: Can We Please Leave Abhi and Pragya Alone? For the Sake of Sanity and Uncomplicated Relationships!
We have had enough of Abhi - Pragya and the entire world trying to play cupid in their relationship! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As much as I love watching Kumkum Bhagya, the current track is extremely irritating. Abhi and Pragya seem like clueless teenagers who cannot choose between Snapchat and Instagram. And even they somehow manage to pick their favourite, they are constantly conflicted about which app is better. Despite Pragya proving herself time and again, Abhi humiliated her, asked her to get out of his life and even married Tanu after Pragya left. Pragya also moved on in life, became friends with King, who values her as a friend and even takes care of her daughter. In fact, Kiara even calls him Dad but has no clue she is actually Abhi's daughter.

Pragya has not told anyone that Kiara is Abhi's daughter, not even King who gave her such a luxurious life and trusts her with his life. What a great friend you are, Pragya! Abhi finally married Tanu finally but the two lead separate lives in the house, which pretty much works for both of them. Unless, of course, Pragya comes back. What irritates me the most is how Abhi and Pragya are bloody mad at each other for marrying other people. To make things worse, the entire Mehra family wants to play cupid in their life and make them "realise their feelings for each other."

If you travel by the local train or hang out with a bunch of teenagers, this is what the current track will sound like to you.

Girl 1: They really love each other man. They are so cute together. But they fight too much.

Girl 2: Yeah we have to constantly interfere in their relationship and remind them that they love each other. I don't think it will work out in the long run.

Girl 1: We will make sure it works out. They are made for each other.

Girl 2: Yeah, our love life is pretty sorted anyway. Let's go interfere in their lives.

What did you learn from this conversation? I'll tell you. This was basically two girls gossiping about someone else's relationship and making decisions on their behalf. Maybe the two want to call it off but their stuck-up friends are constantly convincing them that they actually love each other. Daasi, Disha and Purab are the stupid friends in this conversation who just want more drama in the family.

As a parent and a well-wisher, how can you even think of getting Abhi and Pragya close to each other despite knowing that they are married to other people! How incredibly selfish of you to make them fall for each other again just because YOU love seeing them together! Why can you not show them handling their separation in a mature way, like a lot of couples actually do? So  much for "progressive thinking" and "modern relationships with a traditional twist." Usually, people expect me to rant about the memory loss drama and some more unrealistic things that happen in daily soaps but I choose to look at the bigger picture. Don't you think it's time we put an end to TV show makers making a mockery out of marriages and relationships?

Addressing social issues in one episode out of hundred is not a big deal and definitely not something you should be proud of. The rest of your story revolves around vulnerable people who cannot make the simplest decisions in life. If you are conveying a sensible message to viewers through at least one episode each week, you will have achieved SOMETHING but I think this is just the idealist in me talking. Considering the fact that Kumkum Bhagya is one of the top shows, according to the TRPs, they have a lot of scope to make the change.

And like TV shows, especially Kumkum Bhagya goes, Abhi and Pragya are definitely going to get together again. It will one big happy family where Kiara will also be very happy. But it is so disrespectful to the other relationships those two are currently in. The viewers are used to seeing the antagonist ruin people's lives but even the protagonists in this show are no less! Every time I watch this show (it's a part of my job) I feel like screaming to the other characters, "LEAVE ABHI AND PRAGYA ALONE! MOVE ON, MORONS!"

A lot of you will beg to differ and probably even call me names because you love seeing them together. But I am tired of seeing Abhi and Pragya together and they used to be my favourite onscreen couple on TV. Bas yaar! I'm done with it. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.