Deoria Shelter Home Case: 9 Girls Were Forced into Marriages With Older, Disabled Men
Deoria's Shelter Home (Photo Credits: Twitter @ANI)

Deoria, November 20: Uttar Pradesh police have found that nine girls from Deoria shelter home were forced into marriages with older, disabled men, and the funds from UP Chief Minister's mass marriage scheme were used in the weddings, according to a Times of India report. The institution's director Girija Tripathi and her husband have been arrested. Deoria Shelter Home in Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur Another Muzaffarpur in Making? 24 Girls Rescued, Search for 15 Underway after Complaints by Inmate.

The horrific case of abuse inside the shelter home came to the light, when one of the inmates escaped and went to the police and informed the then how they were all treated like servants. Superintendent of Police Rohan P Kanay said, "When the order to close this institution was made, our people went there and the organisation's director misbehaved with our team. Today, after a girl escaped from there, we got to the reality of that place.

These girls were forced to marry older and physically challenged people, and in return heavy price was paid to Girija Tripathi. Some of the charges placed against Tripathy are human trafficking, forgery and criminal conspiracy.