Momo Challenge on WhatsApp: WCD Issues Advisory Against Online Suicide Game Similar to the Fatal Blue Whale
Momo Suicide Challenge (Photo Credits: @SKilla9000/ Twitter)

New Delhi, September 12: The Ministry of Women and Child Development issued an advisory against the Momo challenge and asked parents to keep an eye on their children's online and social media activities to ensure that they are not engaging in the deadly game. According to an ANI report, the Ministry listed signs to look for in a child that might indicate their involvement in the game.

Parents have been advised to not mention about the Momo Challenge unless the child already knows about it because the advisory mentions that by doing so it would increase the chance that the child will search for it on their own. The advisory further asked parents to be alert if there is a sudden increase in new phone numbers and email contacts in their device. Momo Suicide Challenge: Nagpur Police Issues a Warning to Parents About The Dangerous Blue Whale Like WhatsApp Game.

Last month, the Ministry of Electronics & IT issued a statement, warning parents to safeguard their wards from the Momo Challenge, which is designed akin to the fatal Blue Whale game.

As part of the deadly challenge, users who are forced to play the game, receive an unknown message on their WhatsApp, along with a link which connects them to the Momo Challenge.

Those who do not click on the link sent with the text are coerced to do so. According to Abdul Kuddus of West Bengal's Birbhum, he received the message along with the link. When he did not revert, the anonymous sender sent him the details of his bank account, threatening to sweep all his savings if he did not play.

Reports claim that anonymous number is saved in the cell phone of those who play the game. On WhatsApp, a Japanese 'Momo' doll appears as the display picture of the contact. Through the number, the participants are sent a series of tasks -- the final one is to commit suicide.

(With inputs from ANI)