Monkey Census in Delhi For First Time To Gauge Trouble Created by The Animal
Image used for representational purpose only (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

New Delhi, July 11: For the first time, New Delhi will have monkey census with the help of Wild Life Institute of India, Dehradun. According to a Times of India report, this will be done to find out the extent of trouble monkeys are creating in the National Capital. Monkey Steals Rs 5000 From Kanpur Toll Plaza, Funny CCTV Footage Goes Viral.

The census will reportedly help in identifying the most troublesome areas to develop a proper plan ward-by-ward. An official quoted in the report said that corporations don't even have an idea on the number of monkeys in the city. Since the High Court order in 2007, around 23,000 monkeys were transferred to Asola Bhati sanctuary, but the problem is getting worse every day.

Monkey catchers are being offered Rs 2,400 per animal, but still very few of them are willing to come to the city. Over a very short span, their rates have hiked from Rs 800, then Rs 1,200 and now it is Rs 2,400, which is the highest rate in the country, but still, the problem has not been brought under control.

In 2018, Delhi’s Chief Wildlife Warden Ishwar Singh suggested laparoscopic sterilisation to control their population. The Centre in January, sanctioned Rs 5.43 crore to the forest department for sterilisation of 8,000 monkeys in the first year. It will be really interesting to see if this census method will actually help the Delhi government to curb the menace created by monkeys.