BMC to Issue Bar-Coded Or Embossed ID Cards to 15,000 Hawkers in Mumbai
Indian hawkers (Photo Credits: Flickr)

Mumbai, December 2: BMC will be issuing ID cards to 15,000 hawkers found eligible during a registration drive. According to a Times of India report, the intention is hand over bar-coded cards or embossed cards with the help of which, it will be easier to scan all the details of the hawkers.

With the help of the embossed ID cards, it cannot be transferred to anyone and the bar code will enable all the data to be scanned and verified easily. These will make sure that only hawkers with ID cards can sit at a designated spot. Initially, more than one lakh hawkers were found to be eligible, but after verification, the names were trimmed down to 15,000. Plastic Ban in Mumbai: BMC to Cancel Hawkers’ License If They’re Found Using or Selling Banned Carry Bags.

Currently, details of the hawkers are being fed into the system. So far, 801 have been entered. The numbers may increase if the hawkers manage to submit relevant documents during scrutiny. Reportedly, these ID cards or eligibility certificates would mention details like the hawker's name, the commodity to be sold, location and the pitch number (one that identifies the hawker's zone), which needs to be renewed every month.