Car Pooling: Govt Mooting New Rule to Allow Private Vehicle Drivers to Become 'Part-Time Cab Drivers'
Representational Image (Photo credit: PTI)

New Delhi, May 11: Acting on the NITI Aayog's erstwhile recommendation, the Transport Ministry is mooting a new rule which would allow private vehicle drivers to turn into part-time cab drivers. The move is aimed at promoting the concept of car-pooling, which in turn could control the volume of cars on the roads.

As per the law being mulled over by the government, a person driving his vehicle to work or any other location can now register with taxi-aggregator firms and ferry passengers on his route. Giving Lift to Strangers or Carpooling is Illegal? Mumbai Man Fined Rs. 2000! 

The Transport Ministry, however, will impose regulations -- the most crucial being a curb on 3-4 rounds each private vehicle per day.

The car drivers opting to become a part-time cabbie will have to submit his KYC details and a copy confirming that the vehicle being driven is insured.

The car should be registered with Vahan database (registered vehicles) to prevent the drivers from over-exceeding the permitted number of round trips.

The aggregators would also be issued specific instructions, barring them from offering additional incentives to the part-time cabbies. They would also have to maintain strict KYC of passengers sitting in such vehicles to ensure their security.

Commutation fares using such vehicles will be determined by the market, with the government not expected to set any pre-condition on the pricing structure.