‘Grab Collector and SP by Their Collars to Become a Leader’, Chhattisgarh Minister Kawasi Lakhma Tells School Kids; Watch Viral Video
Chhattisgarh Minister Kawasi Lakhma (Photo Credits: ANI)

Sukma, September 10: Kawasi Lakhma, a minister from Chhattisgarh gave shocking political lesson to school students by asking them to 'grab collars of the Collector and SP' if they want to become leaders in future. According to a 0.35-second video released by ANI, Lakhma says, "A student asked me ''you have become a big leader. How did you do that? What should I do?' I told him grab the Collector and SP by their collars, then you will become a leader." West Bengal BJP President Tells Party Workers to ‘Beat Up TMC Workers and Cops If Attacked and Consequences Will Be Managed’. 

Reports inform that the incident took place on September 5 while he addressed school kids on the occasion of Teacher's Day. The video of the minister's interaction with school students shows that he is sitting outdoors among a group of young boys in school uniform.

Here's the Video:

After the video of the incident went viral on social media, Lakhma on Tuesday issued a statement saying his statement has been misconstrued. The Minister said when asked by a student on how to become a leader, he asked them to serve people if they wanted to become good leaders. "I ask children what do they aspire to be. Some say they want to become leaders & ask me how did I become one? I'd told them to serve people if they want to be leaders, fight for them at Collector offices for. My statement has been misconstrued", Lakhma  was quoted by ANI.

In August, a similar incident had surfaced from West Bengal where BJP President Dilip Ghosh sparked a row by telling his party workers to thrash Trinamool Congress (TMC) workers if they attack them. The BJP leader assured that all the consequences would be managed.