Mumbai, August 2: Vedika Shinde, baby girl from Pune who was diagnosed with SMA Type- 1, a rare genetic disease, had died. Despite several efforts and medical treatment, this tragedy could not be averted. The baby girl was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, August 1, after she faced sudden difficulty in breathing and died during the treatment. Notably, Vedika was administered with Zolgensma vaccine worth Rs 16 crore as a part of treatment to save her life. The funds for the same was raised through crowdfunding. Tanishk Singh, 10-Month-Old Suffering From Rare Genetic Disorder, Needs Injection Worth Rs 16 Crore, Parents Pin Their Hope on Crowdfunding To Save His Life.

Vedika was merely eight months old when she contracted Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Her parents, determined to save her, faced the situation bravely and patiently and arranged a sum of Rs 16 crore to get the required injection for her treatment. People across the globe contributed their bit to save the baby girl. However, she could not be saved despite getting the vaccine and died a month later. Mermaid Baby Born in Hyderabad Dies Withing Hours: What Is 'Mermaid Syndrome'? Everything You Want to Know About Sirenomelia.

SMA 1 or Spinal Muscular Atrophy 1 is a rare genetic disease that affects the nerve cells that control voluntary muscles or motor neurons in the human body. The disease primarily affects infant children. The condition can be treated with a gene replacement therapy which involves huge cost. The vaccines for the disease are only manufactured in the US, Japan and Germany.

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