Navjot Singh Sidhu Skips Punjab Cabinet Meeting Called by Capt Amarinder, Says 'Can't Take Me For Granted'
File image of Navjot Singh Sidhu | (Photo Credits: IANS)

Chandigarh, June 6: Punjab Minister and Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on Thursday skipped the first cabinet meeting called by Capt Amarinder Singh after Lok Sabha elections 2019. His absence comes amid escalating tensions between him and Capt Amarinder -- which began after Sidhu's wife Navjot Kaur was allegedly denied the ticket to contest from Chandigarh.

Sidhu said he chose not to attend the Cabinet meeting as the Chief Minister has been lambasting him in public and pinning the blame on him for the defeat of Congress in 5 constituencies of Punjab. Amarinder Singh vs Navjot Singh Sidhu: Punjab Congress Seeks Report on Rift Between the Leaders

"(He) can't take me for granted," Sidhu said, after media sought his reaction to Amarinder's claim that his "pro-Pakistan approach" and "inept" handling of Local Bodies Ministry, led to an electoral setback for the Congress.

Sidhu, however, countered the claim saying that the party performed well in urban seats where the local bodies play a crucial role in forming voters' perception. He further claimed that party's performance was "exemplary" in the two districts whose charge was given to him ahead of the general elections.

"Urban seats had a pivotal role in Congress party's win in Lok Sabha elections in the state. Chief Minister gave me responsibility of two districts in Punjab. We won big in these two districts," Sidhu said.

"My department has been singled out publicly. One must have the ability to see things in the right perspective. I cannot be taken for granted. I have been a performer throughout. I am answerable to the people of Punjab," he further added.