Ezra Miller’s Minidress at Urban Decay Pretty Different, Seoul Proves Androgyny is the Future
Ezra Miller At The launch of Urban Decay Pretty Different in Seoul (Photo Credits: Instagram)

It is 2019, and if Ezra Miller is not the perfect androgenous fashion icon for this revolutionary era, I don't know who is! Defying stupid fashion gender rules that have been ruling since forever now, Ezra has always won hearts with his mind-blowing sartorial choices. This time Miller served us the most deliciously badass looks of all time at the launch of Urban Decay Pretty Different in Seoul, South Korea, proving us that androgyny is the future of fashion. Ezra Miller didn't just attend the event, he won it and HOW! We are still able to pick our jaws off the floor after witnessing the god of fashion in a multi-colour minidress and knee-high boots that are all over social media RN. And this look is probably the best one after he slayed the Met Gala 2019 red carpet by taking camp fashion to a new level (View Pics.) 

Miller aced the look from Coach’s Fall 2019 collection that consisted of a multi-colour printed short dress that was layered with a patchwork jacket, and shoulder bag all in prints again. What took away the cake was his bold and sexy makeup, the highlight of which was his deep purple lips and dramatic eyes. Both his eyes were defined with large wings in different colours. One in glittery gold and the other in silver. And we can't even stop staring at his laced-up dominatrix heels in awe.

And forget what he's wearing, all he has to do pose fiercely like he always does and that's it, you have a sight to behold right in front of you. You have to check out Ezra Miller at the launch of Urban Decay Pretty Different in Seoul!

Would You Look at Him?


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That Style



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We Will Never Get Over This Makeup


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However, we are guilty of still not being able to get over his feisty Met gala look that was trippy and completely camp. Come on, Ezra Miller's optical illusion make-up is surely one of the looks that will go down in the history of best makeups!