There are millions of widows who live in poverty and fight for their basic rights and dignity. Despite the fact that there are over 258 million widows around the globe, they have historically been unsupported, unmeasured and unseen in our societies. To address such concerns, every year June 23 is observed as International Widows’ Day.

International Widows’ Day 2021 Date:

As mentioned, International Widows' Day is observed on June 23 every year. In 2021, it falls on Wednesday. June 2021 Holidays Calendar: List of Festivals, Events, National and International Days for the Month.

Internation Widows' Day History and Significance:

Internation Widow's Day was first observed in 2005, under the leadership of Lord Loomba, and Cherie Blair, the president of The Loomba Foundation. In 2010, the Loomba Foundation presented its study and findings on widows to the UN (United Nations) Secretary Ban Ki-Moon. In December 2010, the UN General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a resolution, declaring June 23 as International Widows Day.

"Today, as armed conflicts, displacement and migration, and the COVID-19 pandemic leave tens of thousands of women newly widowed and many others whose partners are missing or disappeared, the unique experiences and needs of widows must be brought to the forefront, with their voices leading the way," the UN says.

Hence, the International Widows' Days reminds the world that widows are an equal part of our societies and they have similar rights. It also encourages and motivates people in making widows feel safe and secure.

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