National Workaholics Day is an annual observance dedicated to recognising and celebrating those who dedicated their life towards their work. National Workaholics Day 2024 is celebrated on July 5. It is also a wake-up call that helps us to know if we are indeed workaholics and urges us to take some much-needed breaks to have a more balanced life. There are a lot of bad health practices that most workaholics tend to incline towards, and the celebration of National Workaholics Day aims to denounce these practices. As we prepare to celebrate National Workaholics Day 2024,  here is everything you need to know about this day, its date, significance, how to celebrate National Workaholics Day and more.

National Workaholics Day 2024 Date

National Workaholics Day 2024 is celebrated on July 5. This annual commemoration serves to remind people that work is not everything and to identify workaholics, appreciate them for all that they do and also to help them recognise the need to steer towards creating a more balanced lifestyle.

National Workaholics Day Significance

The word "workaholics" is believed to have been coined in the early 1940s. While people who prioritise work above everything surely existed since the beginning of time, the phrase was only officially used in 1947 in the Toronto Star newspaper. The prevalence of workaholics began to rise considerably since the 1960s. Hustle culture and gig mentality have made more and more people believe that focusing only on work to make a mark is the way to succeed in life. However, the reality is that life often happens while we struggle to succeed. Trying to build a more balanced lifestyle and giving priority to your own health, hobbies, and family is therefore crucial.

The celebration of National Workaholics Day helps people to remember that and also guides the workaholics on ways to actively prioritise the other avenues of their life. We hope that National Workaholics Day helps you do just that and truly chart out a balance between work and life to suit your needs.

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