World Chocolate Day 2019 Special: 6 Common Myths About Chocolates Busted That Will Make You Want to Eat More of These Cocoa Treats
Chocolates (Photo Credits: Pexels)

It is a time to gorge on chocolates, as it is World Chocolate Day on July 7. But well, do we really need any reasons to eat chocolates? There would be very few people who would say no to chocolate, because how can you? Right from children to elders, everyone loves this sweet treat. But as children we were always kept away from eating too many chocolates, as they cause cavities. It is also said that chocolates cause acne, but how much of this is true? On this World Chocolate Day 2019, we are here to bust some of the popular myths about chocolates. Love Chocolates? Do Not Miss on These Absolutely Chocolicious Instagram Accounts.

Common Chocolate Myths Busted

Myth #1: Chocolate is bad for cholesterol

Chocolate contains cocoa butter and stearic acid both of which carry fats but they do not affect cholesterol levels. In fact, they increase the LDL ie the good cholesterol levels.  10 Facts About Chocolate You Didn't Know.

Myth #2: Chocolate doesn't carry any nutrition

Most parents dismiss chocolates saying its unhealthy. But chocolate instead is a good source of magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. It also contains dietary fibre. There are numerous science studies which refute the claim as chocolate being completely unhealthy and lacking any health benefits.

Myth #3: Eating too much chocolate can cause hyperactivity

Eating too many sweets is said to give children a sugar rush and make them hyperactive. Again, it is a very popular myth that has been passed on. Children's hyperactivity has nothing to do with eating chocolates or sugar treats. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate You Should Know Of.

Myth #4: Chocolate cause tooth decay and cavities

This has to be one of the most common myths which is still imbibed among many. Yes, sugar is bad for your teeth but that does not make all chocolates bad. An ounce of dark chocolate has barely 6-7 gms of sugar which is less than in a fruit. Cavities are formed when bacteria in the mouth metabolize sugar to produce acid. The acid then causes a cavity. So it is always advised to brush your teeth after you have a chocolate.

Myth #5: Chocolate causes acne

A lot of teenagers may link their acne problems to eating chocolate but there have studies back to the 60s which point no relation between chocolate consumption and acne. The cause of acne could depend on the diet, oily and spicy food consumption.

Myth #6: Chocolate causes weight gain

You may seen people wanting to lose weight giving up or stressing upon not eating chocolates. But chocolate can in turn be a part of a healthy lifestyle. One must learn to balance their calories, if you keep your intake to a limit chocolate will not make you gain any weight.

The overall idea is to balance your cravings for the sweets and anything that goes beyond moderation will have affect your body. So do not say a no to chocolates, not for the reasons stated above. But also make sure, you do not finish up a box in a day. Wish you all a happy World Chocolate Day!