World Distance Learning Day is observed on August 31 to embrace learning outside of the physical classroom. It could be a remote learning program or a mix of in-classroom and home learning. Distance learning is also a flexible and cost-effective option, benefitting students around the world. In the current COVID-19 pandemic situations, students across the world are studying at home through virtual classroom. In recent times, there has been an increase in high-quality online curriculum and courses with the potential to transform traditional education methods. This could even spark the long-pending distance education movement. It is distance learning opportunities that have made education possible for millions of students across countries through technological devices. The Era of Online Classes: A Struggle For Kindergarten Kids, Parents And Teachers.

In 1728, Caleb Phillips had advertised his teachings on a new method of shorthand in the Boston Gazette, with the lessons to be delivered via mail on a weekly basis. In the 1840s, Sir Isaac Pitman took the idea one step further in England by teaching shorthand via mail and his students would send him a postcard containing their own work. He would then would correct it and send back to them. Pitman’s course became popular and the Phonographic Correspondence Society was established to formalise the courses on offer. Indian Jugaad at Its Best! Netizens Praise Teacher For 'DIY' Tripod With Hanger and Chair to Support Her Phone and Conduct Online Classroom (Watch Video)

This society led to colleges and by 1873 the first correspondence school to operate in the U.S was founded. Thereafter universities began offering distance learning options in the 1960s. In 1984, first online course arrive d and now COVID-19 pandemic has led to schools to switch their classrooms on video calls. World Distance Learning Day was established to raise awareness of the learning resources and options that are available to students. Being the part of the future learning process, it is important to celebrate the concept of distance education which has advanced over the years.

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