World Otter Day celebrates the existence of otters on last Wednesday of May annually. However, the observance is celebrated on two different dates. The day is celebrated in at least 28 countries. While the is said to have been observed on May 27 this year, many events pertaining to the observance falls on May 31. The day is celebrated to raise awareness about otters all around the world. The International Otter Survival Fund set up World Otter Day to recognise and support the existence of otters. It aims to draw attention to the 13 otter species which are listed in the IUCN Red List. Best Wedding Proposal Picture: Cute Otters Photobomb UK Couple's Precious Moment, See Viral Photo!

Otters are carnivorous mammals with layers of fur that helps them be dry and warm. It also keeps them warm since they need to dive many times a day for food. They are very clever and have amazing hunting abilities. The primary diet of otters is fish, frogs, crabs and some other creatures. Videos of them often go viral on social media with netizens calling them cute. Clips of them opening shells are often widely shared. 'Abby' The Otter Called Thicc by California Aquarium, Later Apologises for Fat-Shaming Meme Reference.

Otters are an important part of the food chain and to the local ecosystem. They are also considered as indicator species as they could analyse and understand the environmental conditions based on the otter population's condition. The day aims are spreading awareness on saving the habitat of otters and protecting them. Poaching and illegal trading are other factors that reduced their population. Many also keep them as pets putting them in further danger.

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