Wetlands are essential ecosystems that are gravely misunderstood and yet support a diversity of life. Many plant and animal species live or breed in wetlands. They are primarily freshwater, marine and coastal ecosystems like lakes, rivers, swamps, wet grasslands, estuaries, coral reefs and even human-made sites like reservoirs and fishponds. Wetland biodiversity is very important for our health, tourism and food supply. This day highlights their importance in being a natural solution to the global threat of climate change and the need to preserve them. Wetlands have faced the highest rates of decline and degradation among the ecosystems due to their perception as wastelands rather than life-giving sources. On World Wetlands Day 2023, here’s everything you need to know about the date, theme, history, significance and ways the global event is observed. India Equals China with Most Wetlands of International Importance With 10 More Sites in Ramsar List.

World Wetlands Day 2023 Date and Theme

World Wetlands Day is an event recognised by the United Nations to spread awareness about the value of wetlands, and it is observed every year on February 2. The theme for 2023 is “Revive and restore degraded wetlands”, which highlights the importance of the restoration of wetlands. 25 Years Into Conservation: Wetlands International South Asia Marks Silver Jubilee.

World Wetlands Day History and Significance

This observance, which is now a global event, was first organised by a few environmentalists who wanted to protect wetlands. Environmentalists have also used this day to spread information about wetlands and to encourage people and governments to take action to prevent their loss. After taking note of this event, the UN formally instituted World Wetlands Day to be celebrated every February 2. This day is observed so more people can learn more about wetlands and recognise their beauty and significance. It’s also an important day to support natural ecosystems to help them flourish.

People celebrate this day by learning everything about wetlands and trying to understand how they can protect them. It is a day for making efforts to restore the beauty of nature.

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