Exercise Mistakes That Are Making You Fat and Age Faster
Photo Credit: Pexels

If you are sweating in the gym and are still unable to lose weight, you might want to review the way you are exercising. Exercising helps to tighten your skin and lose weight. However, not exercising the right way could, in fact, make you gain more fat mainly around your belly make your skin look aged. After the age of 35 when your youth enhancing hormones are reduced, it becomes even more difficult to maintain a tighter skin.

Only working out isn't enough if you not doing it the right way. In fact, it becomes a sheer waste of time. Therefore, here are a few workout mistakes you might want avoid to help burn off excessive unwanted fat also help regain youthful muscle tone and get slim lean and fit body.

1. Too Much Workout

Studies have shown that doing short bursts of exercise increases fat burning process and also increases the growth of youth enhancing hormones without any ill effects like inflammation and production of stress hormone. On the other, even an hour of constant exercising at moderate to intense level can induce inflammation in your body which triggers the ageing process. The condition can also be worst if the body starts producing stress hormones as it causes activation of fat storing hormones leading to gaining belly fat.

2. Harder Isn't Always Good

Taking too much of long sessions or pushing your body for a long time makes a negative impact on your body rather than helping you. Always keep in mind the following three golden factors to make out the most of what you do. The right combination is very much necessary to maximise your fat burning process while reducing your stress-inducing hormones at bay so that you get what you want

3. Not Enough Lifting

More fat can be burnt by having lean muscles. You can get lean muscles by lifting challenging weights. To challenge your muscles there should be enough resistance. The type of exercise that you do plays an important role in fat burning. Certain exercises of biceps and triceps don't help body enough to produce youth enhancing hormone. Many of them are simply not aware that they have an outstanding capability to burn off fat. always keep in your mind the result you are expecting is dependent on the intensity and not on time.

Remember, it is the perfect combination of exercises that work not the quantity. Also, you must remember that a good diet must support the kind of exercise that you are doing. High-fiber, protein-rich diet is what you must get on to help not put on weight.