From Using Breasts As Food Tray to Storing Phone, 10 Funny and Weird Things Girls Love To Do With Their Sexy Pair!
Boobs (Representational purposes only Photo Credits: Unsplash)

Women love to let their breasts roam free when they unhook their bras at night. They also love to name their breasts. Enjoying their breasts makes them feel confident about their body and helps them embrace their identity. It also boosts their comfort level during sex and helps them orgasm more often. But it turns out that women love to do a lot of other activities with their assets. Curious to know what are they? Read till the end.

1. Use Them as a Food Tray

Girls use their breasts as a table to eat their microwave dinner. They eat burgers and chocolate chips off their twins while they lie down on their couch and watch Netflix.

2. Use Them as a Cup Holder

When they want to stay hands-free, they place the cup or the shake bottle in between their breasts, and use a straw to sip on their favourite beverage. What Your Breasts Say about Your Health: Changes That Could Signal a Bigger Condition

3. Rest Them on the Table After A Long Day

Just like the other parts of the body, women need some space where they can rest their boobs after a long day at work. And what better way to give the twins the TLC than placing them on the table while sitting at the desk?

4. Use Them to Catch Stuff

When they are eating and dropping food, the breasts catch it. So no makhana or popcorn pops get wasted in the theatre, when you accidentally spill them. How to Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery: 4 Simple Things That Make Your Boobs Look Fuller and Perkier

5. Store a Phone

What do girls do when they are carrying no bags to store their phones?  They place the phone inside their bra. Whether they are shopping or running errands, the breasts provide easy storage.

6. DJ A Party

And when they have to play music and shake a leg or two the same time, they put on their favourite number on their phone and let the phone stay tucked in their breasts.

7. Keep Money

It's not uncommon to see women take money out from their breasts. Who needs the money wallet when there are a handful of breasts? How to Choose the Right Bra Size According to Your Breast Type

8. Let the Puppy Rest

Pets use breasts as a shelf to lounge on. If you go on Instagram and look at the pictures, you will notice that breasts are a commonplace for pets to rest. It seems like they are as fascinated by breasts as men.

9. Save Snack For Later

When they have crumbs in their bra, they can use it to store snacks for later. So if they do not want to share their favourite milk chocolate, they hide it in their bra.

10. Provide Toy Car Terrain

It is also not uncommon to see kids using breasts as a hill for cars. They love manoeuvring their vehicles in the hilly terrain. From Under-Boob to Wide-Set, Types of Cleavages You Didn’t Know Exist!

Women also love to go braless to a party as they are most comfortable without support. They avoid the smuggling raisins effect by sticking on nipple concealers.