The Coronavirus lockdown imposed by the government can seem like a harsh measure for many. But it is the need of the hour, to stay in completely, to stay safe from contracting the deadly COVID 19 disease. With grocery shops also open in specific hours in many places, bars and liquor shops are also closed. Those who have regular drinks would be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has posted a video addressing the concern. They have released an audiovisual on 'How to safely stop drinking during lockdown?' Alcohol Withdrawal Management During COVID-19 Pandemic: Struggling to Find Liquor During Lockdown? Here's How to Deal With Withdrawal Symptoms.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has released a 2-minute video in which they talk about the physical and mental symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and then give ways to tackle it. They also mention about when one needs to visit the doctors, in case the symptoms worsen. Dr Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS, Dr Ravindra Rao, professor of Psychiatry at AIIMS are talking about ways to deal with the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Severe symptoms of withdrawal can drive one to suicidal thoughts.

Watch Video of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on How to Safely Stop Drinking in Lockdown:

One of the major points to not experience withdrawal is to keep oneself busy. Dr Rao suggests watching movies, TV, indulge in activities like gardening, exercising, spending time with family members. He goes on to add that one must keep drinking extra water during this time and also get a good sleep of 8 to 9 hours. Dr Guleria calls the lockdown a good time for those who have been addicted to drinking, to break the habit. He mentions that it causes more damage in the longer run.

The cases reporting for alcohol withdrawal in significantly on a rise in the country. In Hyderabad, Nearly 140 such cases have been reported in the past few days, with 94 alone on a single day! In a case in Kerala, a 37-year-old man allegedly committed suicide at his home because of unavailability of alcohol in the region. Two such cases have been reported from the state last month. In times like these, determining control becomes more important. If you know someone who has been dealing with such issue, then do share the above video and tips with them.

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