Swabbing Bums of Birds Only Solution to Bird Poop Epidemic That Can Kill 30 Million
(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Scientists on the Jersey Shore have been wiping butts of birds to protect us! Yes, you read that right. Scientists have found out birds flying for the summer are carrying flu that could lead to a new pandemic. The only way to find out what causes this and from where these birds are flying from is by testing their poop and trying to figure out where they’re flying from. It's also very important to stop each bird from flying to other places if they're tested positive with some virus. If this pandemic breaks out, it could kill 30 million people in a single year. Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019 Schedule and Timings in India: Know Where and How to Watch Chandra Grahan on July 16.

Pandemic is a worldwide spread of a virus or infection that is gruesome and fatal. All the pandemics caused in the past have occurred because of animal influenza. Animal influenza is a disease of virus caused by a bird. On the 100 years anniversary of Spanish flu, that killed over 50 million people, Bill Gates said, “The world needs to prepare for pandemics in the same serious way it prepares for war”. Scientists have now found out birds have been carrying flu as they fly to a different place for summers.

Every year, upto 25 types of birds come to the Reed’s Beach in New Jersey to feast on raw eggs of horseshoe crabs. These crabs spawn about a month every year. The authorities keep the beach closed for people to let the birds and crabs do their thing. But the problem is that all the birds fly with flu strains in their guts. All the pandemics the world has ever seen, have come from birds. Jellyfish as Big as Humans Spotted by Divers in UK, View Stunning Pic of Barrel Jellyfish.

Robert Webster, a flu expert says, “about 20 percent of these birds are pooping out influenza”, according to an online portal. Where the birds come from and where they bring these viruses is unknown. The researchers gather on Reed’s Beach each year to catch dozens of birds and test them for flu by wiping their butts. The researchers start off by hiding quietly behind tall grass. This is a tedious and crucial step and can take up hours. At the right time, a canon is shot, making a loud sound to startle the birds and they scramble into the air. Just as the birds start to fly away, a net is thrown over them to trap them. This gets about 100 birds. Scientists wear gloves and start collecting their faeces samples by wiping their butts. Researchers also collect around 600 bird poop samples from the beach to conduct their investigation. All these are then brought to the lap and tested. So far scientists have not found anything dangerous but they’ll return next year too!