Sex has been going on since the advent of mankind and whether you believe it or not, there is no scientific evidence yet that proves which sex position is better for getting pregnant. There are beliefs that certain sex positions are better than others for conceiving or that certain sex positions can help women get pregnant faster. Although, no studies exist to prove this to be true, however, people have been seeing in the past that sex position plays an important role in pregnancy. It is said that the right sex position increases the chances of women getting pregnant. If you wish to conceive faster, here are some sex positions to try:

1. Missionary Sex Position

This position sees the man over the woman who lays down. This position is generally considered the best for getting pregnant. This is because in this position the man's penis penetrates deeper into the woman's vagina and the sperms are more likely to reach the uterus. Sex Positions to Get Pregnant Faster! 5 Orgasmic Sex Positions If You Are Trying to Conceive.

2. Doggy Style Sex Position

In this position, the male penetrates the female from behind. This position is known to be effective for pregnancy. In this position, the semen is able to reach closer to the uterus.

3. Butt Up

Raise the buttocks by placing a pillow under the woman's body. This position can also be very beneficial because the amount of semen released by the male will easily reach the female cervix and from there it will come in contact with the eggs.

4. Spooning Sex Position

Spooning sex position isn't just more sensuous but is also known to help women get pregnant faster. You can try the lying side by side position with your partner.

5. Reverse Cowgirl Position

This is one of the best sex positions for getting pregnant. In this sex position, the man lies on the bed on his back, the woman sits on top of him. During this, the woman's face is towards the man's feet. The woman is able to control this sex position on her own. At the same time, the woman herself decides how deep the penetration of the penis is needed.

Climax, after all, is a state that has nothing to do with sex position, however, it does help pregnancy. According to the study, as women reach the peak increasing contractility of the vagina, helping the semen reach the uterus easily and increases the chances of conception.

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