Ever heard of incomplete or disappearing orgasms? Although they're pretty common, they're not much talked about. When a person says they have incomplete or disappearing orgasms, they usually mean that even though the build-up before the climax is strong, just when they get close to orgasm, somehow the energy drops leading to an incomplete orgasm. This can be extremely frustrating if experienced more often. The entire experience of masturbating or having sex can be spoiled as one may feel unsatisfied and sexually frustrated when they have incomplete orgasms. It is usually said that the phenomenon is more common in women than men.

So how do you deal with disappearing orgasms? Is there a way to get rid of them completely? Are they a sign of something being wrong with your body internally? Let's answer some of those questions below to give you better clarity about disappearing orgasms. How to Have Phone Sex: Tips on How to Up Your Dirty Talk Game Without Sounding Corny.

What are you thinking just when you're about to orgasm?

This happens especially when you are masturbating. Just when you're highly turned on and about to orgasm, your mind would wander off to places hereby leading to a complete loss of control over the orgasm.

Is fear the reason?

An unpleasant sexual experience in the past can hamper your sex life massively. One of the reasons for disappearing orgasms could be a trauma from past sexual abuse. Every time you'd want to try and satisfy yourself, the thoughts might start lingering inside your brain, leaving you with a complex set of emotions.

Is there enough stimulation?

Having consistency is key. Keep stimulating before climax so that the end result is satisfying. This can be extremely exhausting sometimes but it's the only way to orgasm. Probably you can try slowing things down, reduce the speed and continue to play around without stopping in the middle.

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