Rishab Bhatt Speaks About ‘Simply.Savr’, Talks about the Future of Information Technology in Canada
Rishab Bhatt (Photo Credits: Agencies)

The world of information technology is evolving with each passing day. Every other day there are some new discoveries made by the top companies. ‘Simply.Savr’, a website created by Rishab Bhatt is a text and file-sharing website which has more than 60K users every month from all over the world. He was born and brought up in Canada and is working as a software and web developer. He has also worked on an entirely automated and encrypted crypto escrow platform (Coinsavr, Inc.),

IT as a sector is booming really fast in Canada. Talking about the scope of software developing there, Rishab was quoted saying, “Canada’s tech industry is growing steadily. Many US-based companies are also posting engineering-related jobs in Canada, which is excellent for the economy. Being a programmer often comes with the freedom of working from anywhere, anytime. I’ve also met people who live in Canada but work in the US due to a higher starting salary and come back to Canada once they’ve got enough experience to look for a senior positioned job here.”

Merging innovation and technology together, he has made sure to keep ‘Simply.Savr’ updated. In the future, it will also receive another update in terms of the new design. The main mission of his website is to provide clean drinking water to children around the world, and they do this initiative by donating over 40% of their ad revenue. Learning and even earning at a very early age, Rishab Bhatt is a software engineering student at Western University in Canada who has developed and sold website scripts on CodeCanyon and has also helped his clients to build websites. At a very young age, Bhatt has made his reputation as one of the most versatile software engineers.