90-Year-Old Air Marshall PV Iyer Doing Pull Ups in This Video Shared by Indian Air Force is Must Watch!
PV Iyer's Pull Up (Photo Credits: Twitter / Indian Air Force)

PV Iyer, who is retired air-marshall can be seen doing pull-ups in the recent workout video shared by Indian Air Force. PV Iyer does close-grip pull-up which is much better than many youngsters who perform this exercise these days. The nonagenarian has proved that 'age is just a number' when it comes to staying fit and active. Twitter appreciates the workout video of 90 years old PV Iyer and takes inspiration to stay fit. Let us see the video of PV Iyer below which is worth watching. Air Force Day 2019: Facts to Know About the IAF on Its 87th Founding Day.

PV Iyer who turned 90 on October 30, is an active sportsperson and also does lots of running. Pull-ups is by far one of the best callisthenics exercises and works effectively on back and bicep muscles primarily on latissimus dorsi commonly known as lats. Pull-ups also develop upper body strength and no matter how much weight you lift it will not be worth if you are not able to perform pull-ups properly.

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Hats Off!!

PV Iyer has also had motivated many people when his video of running was shared by his son Param Iyer. PV Iyer has indeed proved that fitness can be maintained if one has the will power and determination to do so. This video of PV Iyer should motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle and include exercise in your daily routine.