Amazon Rainforest Fires: Beware of Instagrammers Who Are Using the Heartbreaking Images to Scam You With Fake Messages
Amazon rainforest fire (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil continues to burn. They have captivated the world. Politicians, celebrities and citizens are expressing their concern about the damage being done to the forest. Over the month, many heart-breaking images and videos are widely shared on social media, increasing global attention. Various online posts and media coverage even raised awareness of the non-profit groups, such as the Rainforest Trust. It is reportedly a conservation organisation that has been sending aids to the forest since 1988. However, this led to cause scam too. It has been reported that Instagrammers are using the images and videos of Amazon Rainforest fires. Not only in exchange of likes and followers, but some of them are also even scamming their followers by sharing fake account and messages, by linking it to the legitimate charities. Netizens are advised to beware of such accounts on the photo-sharing app. Amazon Rainforest Fire: #PrayForAmazonia Trends on Twitter as Users Call For World's Attention To Wildfires in Brazil. 

Will one like, plant a tree in Amazon Rainforest? Or even save the forest from the recent disaster that it is facing? HuffPost reported that some Instagram scammers are making big profits by exploiting and fooling their followers. The report mentioned, the now-deleted Instagram page called, @PrayForTheAmazonia that managed to trick more than 90,000 followers on its account. It even promoted a PayPal account and fake GoFundMe campaign that claimed to have partnered with Rainforest Trust, the report noted further. In a statement, the online fundraising campaign reported, “no funds were withdrawn, and all donors will be refunded” and Instagram permanently deleted the account. Again, on the other accounts, many Instagram pages appeared that they are saving the Amazon in return of followers and likes. Amazon Rainforest Fires: Indigenous Brazilian Woman Cries in Anger Pointing at Forest Burning Behind Her. 

This is not the first time that Instagram users were exposed for allegedly tricking their followers. In the past instances of such serious disaster around the globe, social media sites have always come up with fake accounts and page claiming to help such cause. But followers were scammed instead. People online are advised to stay cautious and be very particular in terms of liking or following pages that say to stand for such traumatic incidents happening around the world. Meanwhile, the situation in Amazon Rainforest is only getting worse, and environmentalists are striving to save the largest rainforest in the world.