Brooklyn Prisoners, Anti-natalist Raphael Samuel, Failed Boiling Water Challenge: 7 Videos That Went Insanely Viral This Week
Brooklyn Prisoners, Anti-natalist Raphael Samuel, Failed Boiling Water Challenge (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ YouTube/ Twitter)

It is time again, to list down the popular viral videos that broke the internet this week. Those videos that shocked as well as amused you and ended up surfacing on all the social media platforms. After spending so much of the time scouring the web for the latest and greatest viral videos, one thing is clearly understood that it is not easy to pick up the best. And not all of us can be a viral maven! You always get distracted by other hilarious clips and memes. But since, a lot has happened this week too; here we have attempted to be fair and listed only those that paved their way to make the headlines worldwide. The horrifying video of the Brooklyn Prisoners to the Australian girl getting a KFC logo tattooed to India’s Anti-Natalist man to many more have made the list this week for captivating the netizens throughout.

Viral videos are moments that you can enjoy endlessly. Whether you are left in awe, shock or horror, these clips continue to be the internet gold. Where the severe condition of the Brooklyn prisoners triggered rage among the netizens, video of 1,500 drunk strangers singing unanimously to the Lyrics of Backstreet Boys’ classic I Want It That Way have balanced social media. Without any further delay, let us take a look at this week’s top 7 viral videos.

1. Brooklyn Prisoners Fighting Frigid Temperature Without Heat & Power

The temperature in the United States is on every headline for the past few weeks. In that frigid weather, the prisoners at the Metropolitan Detention Center was reportedly fighting with the bone-chilling temperature without heat and power inside their cell. A video showing prisoners banging the windows of the center triggered anger among netizens, questioning the authorities’ negligence in federal prisons.

2. Australian Girl Getting a KFC Logo Tattooed on Her Lips

How crazy food lover are you? Maybe not as much as the 20-year-old girl from Melbourne who took her lover of the fast food giant KFC to another level. By getting the three letters tattooed on her lower lip! With the video surfacing everywhere on the internet, the girl became an instant viral hit to the netizens.

3. Anti-Natalist Man Raphael Samuel

Not a British Marxist historian, but a 27-year-old Mumbai resident, Raphael Samuel has recently stunned the headlines in the Indian press gaining as much international attention for promoting Anti-Natalism. To those who are new, it is a philosophy arguing that life is full of misery and that people should stop procreating immediately. Well, he is hunting for a lawyer to sue his parents (both lawyers) for giving birth to him without his consent. With his video going viral, the new philosophy of anti-natalism is gaining momentum in the country, so much that a group of people in Bangalore campaigned about the same. Whether, he finds a lawyer and success to sue his parents, the young businessman has already gained immense popularity in India.

4. Man, Swimming Under a Sheet of Ice in Czech Republic’s Frozen Lake Milada

He broke the ice at two ends, starts from one hole and finishes at the other. Yes, where chilling weather this year has shivered the headlines, this 54-year-old freediver, Peter Kapoun swimming in a frozen Lake Milada in Czech Republics has thrown some chill to the internet. He attempted the bold act in January, but the video has just recently gone viral on social media. And we all know why! However, the daredevil act in the chilled weather did not really impress the netizens. They were quick to note that swimming in such temperatures could result in hypothermia.

5. Failed Polar Vortex Boiling Water Challenge

Of course, you remember the boiling water challenge that went viral last week. But it will be fair to say that the weather in parts of the United States will not allow you to do so. Although, the temperature reportedly has calm down, viral videos of the boiling water challenge did not stop surfacing. This recent attempt did not go as expected for this man.

6. Cat Riding on the Tran of a Chinese Bride’s Wedding Dress

And you thought this your favourite pet will not make it to this week’s list? No day can run smoothly without cats and dogs captured in their innocent moments. This cat simply refused to move out of the wedding dress train as it enjoys getting dragged along while the bride walks forward. It’s a treat to the cat lovers on the internet!

7. 1,500 Drunk Strangers Singing Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way

The 90s kids have just got another chance this week to ride down the memory lane. A total of 1,500 drunk strangers gathered at The Tivoli, Brisbane in Australia and learned the three-part harmony of the evergreen, Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way. And the outcome is soulfully amazing. There is no denying that this viral video has been the most majestic moment in 2019 so far.

We are so glad to the internet for keeping us engaged with such videos every minute. Although the web world is not a very recommended place in every scenario and can be harsh many times, such as viral videos, memes and hilarious posts deserves an ovation for keeping it light! Stay tuned with us to unfold what the internet has to offer us in the coming weeks.