The Coronavirus outbreak has forced people in lockdown as the only option to remain safe from the deadly flu. Despite repeated warnings and instructions to stay home and stay safe, people still seem to neglect them. While staying in quarantine has got out some hidden talents of people, others have misused Coronavirus as an opportunity to make songs. We say misuse because the kind of songs that are being made are cringeworthy! They may give a little information, try to create awareness, highlight the guidelines and instructions but the way of communicating them through songs is far from impressive. But if you are among the ones, who like to listen to such cringy songs for kicks, we have got some Bhojpuri songs to Dhinchak Pooja's awareness song on Coronavirus. Muskurayega India Video Song: Akshay Kumar, Vicky Kaushal, Kriti Sanon and More Unite For a Beautiful Anthem to Motivate Indians in Fight Against COVID-19.

There are numerous ways everyone is trying to spread awareness about coronavirus. From ad campaigns to informative tweets, the aspects of social distancing are highlighted very well into the media. Several social media challenges are also trending regarding Coronavirus awareness. However, some awareness songs are an example of how awareness should not be spread. We have made a list of few songs which are based on COVID 19 but the context is just cringeworthy.

My Name is Corona:

If Coronavirus had a personality, this would be its theme song! This is another cringeworthy entry into the awareness songs. Calling itself "viral casanova", this song boasts about the strength of Coronavirus while also trying to give information about how one contracts it.

Ja Ja Re Coronavirus:

If only Coronavirus as an individual listened to songs and decided to go away! Then we would also sing, "Ja Ja Re, Coronavirus". Unfortunately, it isn't and hence, you should skip this song and move on to some real precautionary measures.

Dhinchak Pooja's Hoga Na Corona:

Dhinchak Pooja represents what is called as the Cringepop genre so it is no wonder that her song about Coronavirus will be any different. But at least, she gives important aspects on how to avoid corona. In her offbeat track, she talks about washing hands correctly, staying away from crowded areas, no handshakes or hugs to all the other ways one can protect themselves from coronavirus.

Coronavirus Funny Song

Arijit Singh's song Pachtaoge caused quite a rage among the audiences. The song was a big hit so someone creatively adapted it into coronavirus awareness song! The above song may not be cringeworthy, those who like humming the Pachtaoge song, might as well sing these lyrics to pass on the important message. "Bina Mask Lagaye, Ghar se Bahar Jo Tum Jaoge, Coronavirus se Pidit Ho Jaoge" makes sense, though!

Bhojpuri Song Lahenga Me Corona Virus:

Bhojpuri songs are known for their inappropriate connotations and extremely sexual references and innuendos. But they stooped a new low when Coronavirus became a subject of these songs. These songs do little to spread awareness but overtly sexualise everything in the lyrics with reference to Coronavirus.

These are some of the examples where coronavirus awareness songs have taken more cringeworthy basis. Not all of them are spreading awareness, most definitely not he Bhojpuri ones. We get that the songs are meant for entertainment, but these lyrics more or less makes fun of the serious situation we have to deal with. These songs could have highlighted more on the lines of symptoms, how to self-quarantine, what is social distancing, when to visit the doctor, more on these lines. The cringeworthy songs do little to spread collective awareness

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