The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has begun his campaigns in full swing. After being tested negative for COVID-19, Trump is back at the campaign rallies across the country, battling against Democratic Party candidate Joe Bidden. In many of his rallies, the US President was captured dancing to Village People’s classic song, "YMCA.” While some mocked his awkward dance moves on social media, many now came up to support Trump. In fact, his quirky moves have inspired a trend on TikTok where users can be seen copying the dance steps of the US President. In this article, we bring you videos of the latest trend that shows the new dance trend on social media.

Trump’s first campaign rally since contracting COVID-19 went extremely viral on the internet. Not only his awkward dance moves, but thousands of people in the crowd, maskless and not following social distancing raised concerns among health officials. In almost all his rallies, the President is seen dancing to the beats of “YMCA.” According to reports, the new song on which users can be seen shaking a leg to is a mix of “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay and “Swing” by Savage. The trend is being referred to as “Viva La Swing.”

The trend sees TikTokers dancing, typically in the street or a parking lot, or at the comfort of their home. In the videos, the person filming one dancing moves around to get the shot from various angles. Check out some of the viral clips, below in this article.

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It's a TikTok Trend!

People Copy His Dance Moves!

How's It?

So, how do you like the moves? Meanwhile, the presidential election campaigns in the US have started full-fledged. The US Presidential election 2020 is to be held on November 3 across the country.

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