Egypt: University Expels a Female Student for ‘Hugging Man’ in a Viral ‘Proposal’ Video
University expels a female student for 'hugging man' in a viral 'proposal' video. (Photo Credit: Youtube/aldostor news)

An Egyptian university reportedly expelled a female student because of a video of her hugging a man went viral on social media. The university from Egyp called the Al-Azhar University had been put into a pickle for their decision of expelling the student merely on the basis of a viral video. However, the university has reportedly justified their controversial decision by saying that the actions of the female "undermined the school’s reputation," as per reports by AFP. New Year's Eve 2019 Midnight Kiss Video Goes Viral: Dutch Man's Awkward Attempt to Get Kissed Irks Twitter.

The video of the contains footage of the man going down on one knee for the girl, which looks like a proposal scene and then progresses to hugging the woman. The video seems like a marriage proposal video to which the girl may have said, "Yes."

Take a look at the viral video-

News agency AFP reports that the video was not filmed at the premises of Al-Azhar University campus but at the campus of Mansoura University located in the country’s north. The spokesperson of Al-Azhar University, Ahmed Zarie said to the news agency that a hug between unmarried men and women violates "the values and principles of society.” He went ahead to explain that the students can, however, appeal the expulsion decision.

The spokesperson also told AFP that the educational institution "decided to expel the young girl definitively.” He further said that the student had been expelled she had portrayed a “bad image” of the prestigious Al-Azhar University. Moreover, the young man in the video may also face sanctions as per reports by AFP.