Elon Musk Twitter Account Deleted? SpaceX Founder Changes His Name to DaddyDotCom and Makes a Cryptic Post, Gets Trolled Once Again (Check Tweets)
Elon Musk deletes Twitter account? (Photo Credits: Getty Images and Twitter)

Elon Musk is entertaining on Twitter and he has proved it time and again with his tweets. The SpaceX founder is known to post bizarre things on this Twitter timeline. And looks like he gets the kick out of his tweets, just like his fans. Musk now has made a change in his Twitter account with another cryptic move. He has changed his username to DaddyDotCom. And his tweet reads 'Just deleted my Twitter account.' People just found another reason to troll him. Elon Musk Spells Neil A Backwards as Alien and Gets Trolled; What Are Semordnilaps?

The Tesla co-founder tweeted a few hours ago to his 27 million followers that he had deleted his Twitter account. What Musk meant by that and what is the point of tweeting from an account that he deleted his account, were some of the common reactions. He also changed his profile picture to a plain black image. Social media users once again heavily trolled him on his cryptic tweet. Elon Musk Asks the Internet for Its ‘Dankest Memes’; Twitterati Responded by Roasting Him Instead.

Check Elon Musk's Tweet About Deleting His Account:

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Calculating what he meant

What Joy!

Step away Elon! 

Is this a joke?

Inaccurate information

Some other users asked Elon to go to sleep while others said he should stop doing drugs. Well, Twitterati isn't new to his tactics and Musk does like to confuse his followers time and again.