Even during the stronger than ever, the second wave of COVID-19, the fake news, false information, "home remedies for coronavirus" and "medicine to cure" deadly infection can be seen being shared on social media. The total number of coronavirus cases in India as we write this is a staggering 18,376,524. While the total number of deaths is 204,832 and recovered patients are 15,086,878. Amid the grappling situation,  a video being shared on social media that features a person claiming to heal coronavirus infected in 24 hours and help people in need of oxygen within two hours. PIB wrote on its social media handles: "#PIBFactCheck: The claim being made in the video is # fake. For the correct information related to # COVID19, visit the website of the Ministry of Health."

In yet another fake claim recently, a message was going viral on social media platforms, including Facebook and Whatsapp, suggested that having raw red onions and pink salt (sendha namak) can cure COVID-19. Another home remedy associated with coronavirus cure were kalonji seeds, also known as nigella seeds, black seeds, Nigella sativa (fennel flower), black cumin, black caraway, cumin noir, the seed of blessing, small Fennel, etc. Fake news circulating on social media is that kalonji seeds can cure coronavirus.  COVID-19 Fact Check Series: From 'COVID-19 Only Affects Non-Vegetarians' to 'Bananas Prevent Coronavirus Infection', 5 Fake Social Media Messages That Have Returned from 2020.

The man in the video also tries to lure people by saying that he won't take any payments without showing people the results. Only after the patient gets better by his "cure" that he will accept any compensation. It is important to note, that no medicine or cure has yet been found and therefore his claims are absolutely fake and you must not in any way believe this.

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Press Information Bureau (PIB) has made several fact checks denying many such claims and called out many fake messages. As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is no medical cure available for coronavirus till now.


Fact check

Man Finds Medicine to Cure COVID-19? PIB Fact Check Warns Against the Viral Video of a Man Claiming His Remedy Can Recover Oxygen-Deprived Patients In Two Hours
Claim :

Man Finds Medicine to Cure COVID-19

Conclusion :

There is no cure for coronavirus yet

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