Guy Asks Pune Police For Woman's Phone Number, Their Savage Response is Winning The Internet (Check Tweets)
Pune Police's tweet (Photo Credits: Twitter)

It would not be wrong to state, that the Twitter handles of police departments in the country are becoming interesting off late. Other than giving out crucial information and addressing grievances, these social media handles also effectively deliver a message using a bit of humour. The Pune City Police is the latest one to win hearts with their befitting reply to a person who asked them for a woman's phone number. They asked him to share his own number for his interest in getting the woman's phone number. Nagpur Police Finds a Way to Cash-in on Ranveer Singh's Vogue India Photoshoot and it's Perfect.

It started when a Twitter user named Nidhi Doshi tweeted to the Pune City Police asking the number of Dhanori police station. While they were quick to give it to her, another user by the handle @abirchiklu, asked the Pune Police to help him with the woman's number! The police did not take it lightly and gave him a reply that he'd remember. Meghalaya Police's Witty Tweet on 'Rasna' as Drugs Impresses Netizens, Other Times Police Departments Creatively Trolled Drug Peddlers.

Check The First Tweet Wherein The Girl Asked for Help:

Here's The Tweet By Guy Asking The Girl's Number:

While he probably thought it as a chance to have some banter with the police, the cops showed him, it is not. They responded asking his number instead, to know why would he be interested in her number. Their response to the tweet is being loved by everyone.

Check Pune City Police's Response:

Perfect, right? Their response is being appreciated by everyone and has got almost 8,000 likes.

Swag hai Bhai

What a Response!

Loving the Humour

He Needed It

In times where internet stalking has become so easy and a big problem especially for women, such responses from the police keeping a watch are important. This is not the first time Pune Police have won hearts with such tweets. Last year, when a person asked them about a place where LSD is available, they gave a sarcastic reply that won the internet. Their response to the guy in the same vein even tagged them as the "coolest" ones on the internet.