Happy Valentine's Day 2022... even if you are single. Today, on Valentine's Day, funny memes and jokes are being shared on social media. If you are single and do not have any plan today, let's take trip to various social media platforms for amazing LOLs and ROFLs. If you do not have someone to celebrate the day with you could also join "Bajrang Dal" or go ahead and throw rocks at happy couples. We are not saying this, BUT the hilarious memes online, are. These posts that we have collected from different social media platforms, will not make you feel single at all.  Valentine's Day Images & HD Wallpapers for Free Download Online: Wish Happy Valentine's Day With WhatsApp Messages, Quotes and GIF Greetings.

Jokes aside, on Valentine's Day, couples try to make each other feel special and spend time together. Well, some consider being single even better than being in a relationship. You get time for yourself and enjoy your life comfortably. Valentine's Day 2022 funny memes have already taken over social media. Right from relating Valentine's day to Harry Potter mentioning how he would stay inside the room pretending he doesn't exist to people preparing to buy themselves flowers to feel loved and surprised, memes and jokes are making go crazy.

The month of February brings with it the winds of love and romance. From the beginning of this month, the wind of love starts blowing the flames. Although Valentine's Day can be a bit painful for those who are single or who do not have a partner, but these funny memes and jokes of Valentine's Day that are going viral on social media can become your companion. Let's have a look at some of the funniest memes and jokes on Valentine's Day. Check out the best Valentine Week Memes, Valentine Week Memes For Couples, Viral Memes 2022 and Viral Valentine Day Memes below:


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Single people get to celebrate Valentine's Day in a special way. The social media platforms are already flooded with funny memes. On this special day dedicated to love, couples spend time with each other, express their feelings and shower love on each other. A week before Valentine's Day, that is, from February 7, Valentine's Week begins and during this time different days dedicated to love is celebrated.

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