Hortaya Borzaya Dogs in Matching Turtlenecks This Winter: Twitter Cannot Stop but Make Relatable Jokes on the Viral Pic
Hortaya Borzaya Dogs in Turtleneck (Photo Credits: @sindivanzyl/ Twitter)

Christmas 2018 is fast approaching us, which means final festive time and a lot more freezing temperature. Donning in our favourite winter wears, we have so much to do already. Plus, if you are proud pet owners, it is your responsibility to make them feel warm this season. Although, dog’s fur will do half the job, being a concerned parent, there is no harm putting clothes on them. And it is great to experiment with their clothing style. Talking about that, the coolest of all styles have to be dogs in turtlenecks. A recent picture going viral says it all. Not just giving some major winter fashion goals, these dogs in matching turtlenecks are inspiring captions for the ages.

They are two Hortaya Borzaya dogs putting on turtlenecks of the same pattern, one in blue and the other in purple, have paved the way once again for meme makers. And the jokes are too real! As the photo went viral, Tweeple could not control their humour. Below are the hilarious but too real situations. Delhi Winters: Stray Dogs in Capital City Get Sweaters Every Winter to Fight Cold, See Cute Pictures. 

Stand Smart! 

Humour on Point.

Some Real Conversations.

Did You Notice the Third Dog?

Keeping the jokes aside, aren’t they look too smart to beat the cold seasons? Turtlenecks have never looked so bold. Give your pooch the coolest outfit so that it can roll itself on the snow this winter.