‘How Does the Rock Pee?’ Hilarious Pun on Dwayne Johnson’s Name Will Make You Lose Bladder Control With Laughter (View Tweet)
Dwayne Johnson's Peeing Secret Revealed (Photo Credits: File Image)

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, recently got married to his long-time beau Lauren Hashian on August 19, 2019. After the gorgeous wedding pictures flooded on social media, a meme about Johnson’s peeing style has been taking over the internet named “How Does the Rock Pee?” What's even more hilarious is that the meme was shared by Rock himself. The smart pun on his name will make you lose your bladder control with laughter, only if you get it. "Dwayne" is a rhotacistic way of saying "drain" and "Johnson" is a vulgar slang for penis. The viral tweet featuring is cracking up the internet for all the right reasons. Who Is Lauren Hashian? 5 Things You Need to Know about Dwayne Johnson’s Wife. 

The Rock had earlier revealed through an Instagram post that he's not afraid to pee in a water bottle while working, if such a situation arises. While his millions of fans speculated how he would do that, the recent viral meme seems to have the answer. It says, “He Dwaynes His Johnson,” to urinate. And the Rock “can vouch for this.”

How Does the Rock Pee?

Fans Can't Stop Their Laughter:

It Inspired More Memes!

The revelation of The Rock’s peeing secret is the next viral thing online. On a different note, Johnson’s wedding to Lauren Hashian is the talk everywhere.

After being together for 12 years and raising kids together, Dwayne and Lauren thrilled fans by sharing pictures of their highly secretive nuptials. The happy couple appeared in the news since 2007 and have two daughters – Tiana and Jasmine – together.