How You Draw The Letter X? This Viral Meme Is Confusing the Internet; Social Media Users Have Crazy Responses
How You Draw an Alphabet X? (Photo Credits: @SMASEY/ Twitter)

Memes; the cultural symbols and social ideas that spread virally, are undoubtedly the best thing on the internet these days. Primarily with the intent to either make people laugh or to make fun of others or sometimes to confuse the netizens, the creators always find a way to captivate the social media. Remember Yanny/ Lauren debate in 2018 that took the internet by storm? Well the recent one, is of similar context that once again perplexes the netizens. Draw an X! Now, recall how did you go about it. The left stroke first, downward, then the right or the right stroke first, upward. Well, it turns out that there are multiple ways.

The question of how people instinctively draw an X has gone viral, and the opinions vary in a way we have not seen since the whole Yanny/ Laurel debate 2018. Twitter user @SMASEY shared a photo of eight different ways to draw an X, each showing a different colour of the first stroke and arrows representing its directions. People are wondering how they have never noticed the way they and others draw the English letter. And the responses are hilarious! Do You Know That There are Two Forms of the Lowercase Letter ‘g’? Twitterati is Confused. 

Here's the Tweet:

A significant number of netizens agreed to the number 7 as the correct way.

While, Others Had Their Opinions

Confused Netizens Debate

To end, the confusions, the person who posted the photo came up with a conclusion.

If the trend in Twitter responses is to be believed, the way you write the letter “X” might actually have a lot to do with where you first learned to write or how we were taught. But it is indeed another great way to engage the netizens in a rather creative manner. How do you write X?