Mumbai, March 12: Japan is famous for its bizarre yet really cool inventions. However, Japan is also known for imposing outlandish rules in its school ecosystems. The Vice World News reported that the schools in Japan have banned female students from tying a ponytail due to the exposure of nape of their necks, eventually potential to 'sexually excite' males in educational institutes.

"School administrators said that girls must not wear a ponytail because exposing the nape of their necks could “sexually excite” male students," reported the media house, quoting Motoki Sugiyama, a former middle school teacher in Shizuoka province. “I’ve always criticized these rules, but because there’s such a lack of criticism and it’s become so normalized, students have no choice but to accept them,” he added. Japan Schools and Their Bizarre Rules! School Authorities in Fukuoka Dictate Colour for Kids’ Underwears and Bras as Part of Guidelines.

A survey done in 2020 suggested that one in 10 schools in the southern prefecture of Fukuoka prohibited the ponytail hairstyle. In June last year, the Japanese government asked all prefectural boards of education to revise draconian school rules following complaints from students and parents. Hinamatsuri 2022 in Japan: From Hina Dolls to Authentic Food, 7 Things To Know About Momo No Sekku or Peach Blossom Festival.

While banning ponytails is just one of many other draconian rules that some Japanese school has imposed, other absurd rules include the strictures regarding the colour of children’s socks, skirt length, and even the shape of their eyebrows. Japan has also upheld a white-only underwear color rule for their female students.

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