Social media and its weirdness at times never go out of the trend. For no apparent reason, you will see hashtags going viral with netizens scratching their heads as to know why exactly the particular hashtag is trending. But is not always that the viral hashtag do not have a purpose. For instance, when #ForgetCondoms was trending, people were confused, but Durex India’s viral Instagram post clarified the air. Once again, something similar has happened that has left the Twitterati puzzled. #KyaHua is trending on the internet, but netizens seem not to know why. With the help of funny memes and jokes  (obviously), they are trying to understand ‘Hua kya?’

#KyaHua is the latest viral hashtag dominating the top trends on Twitter. But desi Twitterati is confused. With the help of hilarious jokes and reactions, they are trying to find out the purpose behind the hashtag. Before we begin, let us tell you as to where the viral hashtag must have started. So, Indian music director, Amaal Mallik has released his new song called ‘Kya Hua,’ urging his followers to make the hashtag as one of the top trends.

Here's Amaal Mallik's Tweet:

Well, it did work! #KyaHua is one of the top trends on Twitter, but many people online are not aware as to why it is trending. Hence, they use hilarious memes to express their confusion over the viral hashtag, and the reactions are damn funny!


Netizens Be Like


Twitterati RN



'Hua Kya?'


People are active on their respective social media accounts more than ever now. This is why, it becomes easy for any trend to go viral and garner massive reactions. In addition, hilarious meme templates and funny jokes also give netizens a way to express their emotions, and spread much-needed laughter online.

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