Mashable Credits German Firm For Bringing Leaf Plates as Substitute to Plastic Ones, Indian Twitterati Hit Back
Women workers in India manufacturing leaf plates | File Image | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Media firm Mashable received a spree of responses from Indian Twitter users as it shared a product designed by a German company to end the usage of plastic plates. Leaf Republic, a German firm, is selling leaf plates at a cost of 50 cents each. The plates are intended to replace the usage of plastic plates -- which are non-biodegradable and contribute towards global warming. Several Indians on the microblogging site took to the comment section to inform Mashable that India has been using the leaf plates "since ages". No Nationwide Ban on Single-Use Plastic in India Yet, PM Modi Aims to Eliminate it by 2022.

The leaf plates, which are 100 percent biodegradable, are used for serving food in India at temple congregations, several railway stations and at numerous traditional events. Street hawkers also use the plates made of dried leaves to sell several food items, particularly sweet dishes. With India gearing up to eliminate single-use plastic by 2022, the usage of leaf plates is expected to further increase in the nation.

Here's How Indian Twitter Users Responded to Mashable:

'Using It From Past Few Centuries'

'Gift From India To The World'

'Not a German Invention'

Usage of Leaf Plates in India

The Twitterati is right in pointing out that India has been using the paper plate since ages. The Indian eating plate, made out of broad dried leaves, are referred to by different names in different parts of the nation. But they are most prominently known as Patravali or Pattal or Vistaraku or Vistar or Khali.

The leaf plates are made using 6 to 8 broad sal leaves, which are completely dried. They are stitched together using tiny wooden sticks. They are most produced by the cottage industry, which is labour intensive and employs scores of women.