Miracle! Indonesian Woman Found Alive on the Same Beach Where She Went Missing One & Half Years Ago
Indonesian Woman Found Alive on the Same Beach Where She Went Missing One & Half Years Ago (Photo Credits: @RagilHadiwibowo/ Twitter)

Some of the most fascinating and uplifting stories are unexplained that people perceive being miraculous in nature. However, you view them, few real-experiences are as much strange but worth the attention. In a recent episode, an Indonesian woman is making the headlines who was declared missing one and a half years ago after being swept away by a large wave. Media reports claimed that the woman was found few days ago drenched and covered with sand at the same beach but alive. What makes it more bizarre is that the 52-year-old was declared dead since January 2017.

Identified as Nining Sunarish, a citizen from Gede Pangrango Village surprised families as she was announced to be dead when a witness saw her being pulled to the middle of the sea by waves last year on January 8. At the moment, onlookers could see the woman screaming and waving for help but they were too scared to save her. After a week, search and rescue team discovered a damaged body and they claimed that it was Nining’s body after a DNA test. But her family did not believe that it was Nining’s as the body did not have the birthmark on the abdomen and the fingernails appeared different.

Now after such long time, the 52-year-old’s family said to have a strange dream. The head of the SAR Communication Forum of Sukabumi region, Okih Pajri released a written statement which says that Nining’s uncle allegedly saw her in the dream and asked him to be picked up from the Pelabuhan Ratu beach, a place nearby where she was declared missing. Her uncle did not react to the dream at first. But after seeing the same dream for several times, he told the family and decided to go the same beach and look for his long lost relative.

Since June 30, they searched but initially could not find any sign of her. On June 1, their search came to an end when they found Nining lying still at the beach. In fact, she was wearing the same floral print dress that she wore 17 months ago. The family took the woman home and cleaned her up but because she did not seem to be very healthy, they took her to the hospital. She is under medication and the doctors have confirmed that Nining is expected to recover soon. Yes, the details of the story appear little too much to be real, but her family is extremely happy. To them, her arrival after such a long time is a miracle.