Newsha Syeh, Social Media Influencer Gets Slammed as Sex-Worker, Denied Entry in Louvre Museum in Paris for Wearing Revealing Outfit
Newsha Syeh's revealing outfit which was denied entry at Louvre museum (Photo credits: Instagram/mewsha)

An Australian social media influencer was denied entry to France's one of the most iconic structure the Louvre museum because her outfit was too revealing. When she expressed her displeasure online with her fans, they, in turn, slammed her with more negative comments, some even calling her dressed like a sex-worker! Newsha Syeh, 25, has a prominent social media presence with close to 248,000 followers on Instagram. She expressed she was "heartbroken" due to the guard at the museum denying her an entry because of her low-cut black dress. #OOTD Gone Too Far? Study Suggests People Buy Clothes to Post Pictures on Instagram and Return Them. 

In her Instagram stories, she discussed the entire incident. "Yesterday at the Louvre, I was stopped at the entrance by a guard for my outfit," she wrote. Along with she mentioned that the guard "made the most disgusted and horrible gestures and facial expressions, swore at me to cover up, with hate-filled eyes stopped me entering." She also posted a review from Google to the place which said that there was no dress code for visiting the museum. She had worn a black dress revealing her cleavage covering her bottom and a sheer material covering till her ankles. Looking For Perfect Instagram Picture? Model Gets Shark Bites While Photoshoot. 

Take a Look at Newsha Syeh's Revealing Dress at the Louvre Museum in Paris


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Picasso would have loved my outfit ✨

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She called the rule an archaic one denying her entry on the basis of her dress. Fans of art were clearly not impressed as she wrote, "Picasso would have loved my outfit." People commented that she should've at least worn a short over her dress. While someone else commented, "The lack of respect for yourself and the Louvre is really disturbing. A lesson in class is sorely needed." Another user commented that she was indeed disrespecting to the place and should leave the partial nudity to clubs and bedroom. One of the comments read, "Looks like you're dressed for the red light district instead of a museum."

While the negative bouts came in, there were some who liked and appreciated her as well. Some called out to the museum for having nude women paintings and sculptures inside but not allowing a woman because she was wearing a revealing outfit. People found her outfit stunning and thought she looked beautiful. What do you think about her outfit? Was it fit for a museum or not? Do let us know your views.